The Most Popular Wood Stain Trends for 2018

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Every year, new home trends come and long-standing ones go, and this isn’t limited to flooring and upholstery – wood stain and live edge furniture are also affected by the tidal wave of public opinion. If you’re looking to update your home’s look for 2018, or want to build a custom piece that is as contemporary as possible, here are some major wood stain trends to consider!

Espresso Wood Stain Colours

2018 is seeing extreme colours holding on strong from 2017. While dark furniture wood stain is still very popular, the creme de la creme is a shade called Espresso.

This means we’re finally moving past the “blonde” stains that became big as IKEA conquered the world. The Swedes, Danes, and Norwegians have given us a lot over the years: the cosy home trend hygge (pronounced hew-gah), a Netflix queue full of moody crime dramas, and, yes, cheap furniture you have to assemble yourself. But the big furniture wood stain trend that’s crossed over to our continent is light coloured wood, and it worked really well with the entirety of Scandinavian minimalist design – fewer intricacies, more simple lines, flat surfaces, and natural (looking) wood. This is quickly being replaced in fashionable circles with the Espresso finish, the “next big thing” for wood furniture.

The “Espresso” trend might not seem new, but it’s not simply a flat brownish-black finish. Rather, it’s a matte finished, deep dark brown that is often confused with black, and thus often labelled black, too. Espresso is much more nuanced than a jet black, and often times you’ll be able to pick out hints of chocolate and red in the design. However, it’s that charcoal-like texture, the appearance of the colour going deep into the wood, that really makes it unique.

Natural Elements for Wood Stain

Carpentry Furniture Store Rustix Studio London Ontario Cedar Blog ImageCreating a cosy living space never goes out of style, but how we go about it sure does. Think back to beanbag chairs and shag carpet; truly, this was function over form. Nowadays, we try to mesh form with function by preserving the natural cosiness of materials, and when it comes to wood stain colours, we want to reflect the nature of the piece. Using upcycled wood, reclaiming barn board or pallets, and keeping the natural wood grain continues to be huge, and preserving the contours of individual trees is important. We’re fully on board with this trend, as live-edge furniture is our speciality!

Heart Wood: Wood Stain Colour of the Year?

Carpentry Furniture Store Rustix Studio London Ontario Espresso Blog ImageHow paint companies go about their business puts furniture stains in perspective, and one choice for this year’s colour accentuates with the previous trend perfectly. In late 2017, paint company Dulux announced that the 2018 Colour of the Year would be “Heart Wood.” “The colour for 2018 is inspired by the beautifully warm wooden materials we see being used in all kinds of interior decorating and architecture,” they explained. “The warmth of wood reflects the comfort that we need in these uncertain times – this material is an essential element for creating the welcoming environments we desire.”

It’s a soft neutral that brings out the warmth of natural wood pieces and works with just about any shade. Inspired by natural wooden textures, it works very well with stains that look the most natural with the wood that makes up your furniture. If you’re looking to use Heart Wood in your living space, you’ll want to pick a specific stain that enhances your furniture’s natural colour, and this will be different for all types – birch, pine, poplar, and the various kinds of oak all have a uniqueness you’ll want to be preserved.

If all of this is intriguing to you but somehow you can’t decide on a wood stain for your home call Rustix for a friendly consultation. We love picking wood stain colours and we’ll get everything settled right away!