What’s Coming Up For Rustix Studio In The New Year

2019 was an amazing year for us: we developed new skills, tried new things, and worked with some amazing clients. Why not keep all that momentum going into the new year? We’re excited for 2020, and when you see what’s coming up in the Rustix studio, we know you will be, too!


New Base Styles

We made a name for ourselves with live-edge furniture made from natural, local wood, and the focus has always been on the surfaces. It’s time we started bragging about the underappreciated side of our tables: the legs and bases! These are as important as the surface, and we’ve been using some cool methods to make them more space-friendly and look amazing.

One of the new base styles we’ve been using is the pedestal style. It’s perfect for tables that are in awkward positions, giving wide tabletops the stability they need while still allowing the most legroom. It also looks super cool!


New Dimensions In Older Furniture

We finished a TV unit just under the wire before the new year started. It was made from a solid maple finished with a black and natural two-tone design. We gave it a modern look combined with the mid-century feel, and being able to do this with real wood was a plus. In 2020, we’re encouraging everyone to leave fake wood in the past where it belongs!

The project doesn’t have to be an update of an old classic. We’re always looking to try new furniture projects, even if they’re old-fashioned! With the 80s look coming back into style, 2020 is the year we’ll put some Rustix chic into older styles.


Trying Out Different Materials

Not too long ago, we gave resin a try. Our clients liked it so much that we thought more non-wood materials deserved a shot in the studio. In 2019, we had the pleasure of working with local architecture firm Matter Architectural Studio Inc. to build a customized table for their new office space. They wanted something sleek and modern, and we wanted to do something we had never done before. The result was incredible!

The final product used thin mitered legs made from walnut supporting a solid steel plate top. The materials are all still local, but the results are like nothing we’ve ever done before. Call it “functional art” if you’d like, then call us so we can help you think outside the box!


New Evenings In The Workshop!

cool looking charcuterie - rustix studio

In 2020, we’re going to have even more fun in The Workshop! This is a great way to enjoy some incredible food, learn more about how we do what we do, and try your hand at making items from real wood!

We start with food exquisitely paired with a wine or beer by an expert in the trade. They’ll pour your glass and teach you all about the pairing while Workshop leader and Rustix Studio owner Heather guides you through her process. You’ll get all the materials and instructions to create your very own live-edge Charcuterie or pizza board!

Join us in The Workshop for amazing nights of fun this year!