What’s A River Style Live Edge Table?

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You may have noticed an eye-catching table design floating around Instagram: the video probably showed a craftsman pouring a colourful liquid between two live-edge pieces of wood, the liquid settling in an oh-so-satisfying way. You’ve heard of our waterfall table; now check out what’s known as the river style live edge table!

The river live edge features a colourful resin poured between two pieces to create the appearance of a river and its banks. It’s a new piece coming out of our workshop, and we’re excited to make one for you. Here’s how we do it.

How Do You Make A River Style Live Edge Table?

A live edge river table isn’t very easy to make, but here’s a quick rundown: two pieces of live edge wood are chosen and sized to make them of equal length and thickness. Instead of the usual live edge furniture we make, the edges are turned in, with the curves acting like the natural features of a riverbank. We put them in a mould, then pour our “resin” (more on that below) between the two pieces of wood. When the resin has dried, we pop the whole thing out of the mould and affix it to the supports.

Don’t let the talk of rivers take over your imagination – it doesn’t have to be blue like a river on a map! We make the resin any colour you’d like, and combine it with any stain you’d like. We can even provide take-home samples of various colours so you can see how it’ll look in your home. It can take a bit of time and energy to make a river style table, so we want your choices to be perfect!

The “river” doesn’t have to flow down the middle; you don’t even have to make it a river! The resin can be poured anywhere: to the side, on top, down the middle, or wherever else you want. Like all our furniture, the river style live edge table is fully customizable, and we’ll work with you to make it absolutely perfect.

What Is The River Style Resin?

The “water” in the river tables aren’t water, but it’s not quite resin, either. Despite calling it resin, we actually use liquid plastic that prevents resin filling, resin filling live edgeshrinkage and eliminates the chance of bubbles. Bubbling happens very frequently with resin because it cures too quickly for the air pockets to burst, creating small craters in the surface. Our liquid plastic helps us keep the surface perfectly smooth, making it more suitable for your table!

Londoners no longer have to look longingly at Pinterest or Instagram as beautiful river tables get poured by anonymous people far away. It’s no longer just a dream on social media – the river style live edge table could actually be in your living room very soon!