What Is A Waterfall Table?

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Have you heard about waterfall tables? The waterfall in the name refers to how the grain streams seamlessly from the tabletop into the leg support. With the help of some expertly poured resin, you can even create the illusion of actual water falling over the edge! Here’s how we make them and why this kind of table is all the rage right now.


What Is A Waterfall Table?


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The waterfall table is an incredible piece of furniture that is great when a large piece of wood is too gorgeous to cut into pieces. Using a joint made at a 90-degree angle (a mitre joint), we can give the wood a “cliff,” making it look like the tree’s whorls and grains are falling like water over the edge. When the table is complete, it appears as if there’s an extraordinary (almost impossible) bend in the wood.

We use the piece of the wood at a 90-degree angle as a support for the surface; the other side can be another waterfall edge or some repurposed metal like iron can be fashioned into a leg. 


How Does Resin Affect The Look Of A Waterfall Table?


The Rustix team can combine the waterfall table with another one of our favourites, the river table, to create the appearance of a genuine waterfall. We can put two live-edge pieces of wood on either side to make two riverbanks or find the best cut line and split it in half.

Once we have our gap, we pour epoxy down the center of the grain, much like we would for any river table. You don’t have to choose blue – we can do it in any colour you want. To create the illusion of water going over an edge, we bevel the larger vertical piece once the epoxy has dried, then flip the smaller top piece over and back-bevel it with a corresponding mitre. 

Once this is complete, we finish the wood, protecting the surface for use. 


How Can You Bring The Best Waterfall Table Into Your Home?


A Rustix waterfall table meets the challenge every furniture shopper faces: finding something no one else can imitate. The piece is entirely customizable, and we give you many chances to choose the details of the table. From the type of wood we use to the finish to the resin colour, the final product is something you can have a hand in making! 

Once your project is complete, the waterfall table becomes the ideal centrepiece of your living room, a side table in a bedroom, or a colourful surface to greet you in the front hallway of your home.

The waterfall table requires some creative craftsmanship on our part, but like any piece of Rustix furniture, the results are unique furniture you won’t find anywhere else. We use only wood sourced from London trees, meaning your waterfall table may have grown right in your neighbourhood!