What Is A Waterfall Table And Why You Want One

waterfall edge table

The challenge with furniture shopping is finding something no one else can imitate. A lot of furniture on the market is manufactured in bulk; you might come across other specific models in one or two places (though unfortunately, that might just be someone else’s living room). Rustix furniture is going to be one of a kind, of course, but sometimes we make a table that blows even us away. One of those pieces is the wood waterfall table, and we know you’ll be as excited about it as we are.

What’s a waterfall table, you ask? It has nothing to do with liquid (though that changes if you knock a glass over). It’s a great way to use a long, gorgeous piece of local London tree, and it requires some creative craftsmanship on our part!

What Is A Waterfall Table?

The waterfall table is an incredible piece of furniture that is an especially worthwhile creation when a large piece of wood is just too beautiful to cut up. We’re still cutting the wood, mind you, but we’re using a little craftiness to make it appear like a solid piece. Using a miter joint – a joint made at a 90-degree angle – the furniture maker creates the appearance of the wood’s natural grain “falling, like water going over the edge”.

The piece of the wood at the 90-degree angle is used as one of the supports for the surface, with some repurposed iron made into the other or an identical waterfall edge as the other support. When it’s complete, you have a table made from a piece of wood that looks as if there’s a miraculous bend in it. We can also pour epoxy down the center of the grain to give the illusion of actual water falling!

waterfall edge bar top

Why Do You Want A Waterfall Table?

We’re not going to be subtle: you’re going to want a waterfall table. The end result of our time and hard work is a beautiful table that will feel right at home in any room. When placed in a hallway, it’s an excellent way to greet guests (and you can leave a dish for your keys on it too). If there’s a space in your living room that needs some love, a waterfall table will fit in nicely, holding up lamps, flowers, and/or books. If you need a creative desk, the waterfall table will hold up quite nicely.

But enough about its versatility: the waterfall table is just beautiful! Made of solid, natural wood, with all of its one-of-a-kind characteristics preserved, the Rustix waterfall table turns an already great piece of wood into something you won’t find anywhere else. You can have us customize it to your liking, too, and we can use your favourite wood, stain, and colour to make your waterfall table exactly how you want it.