What Is A Sit-Stand Desk And How Does It Help?

Sitting down too much can seriously affect your health. Staying in your chair all day may increase risks for chronic illnesses and can mess with your posture. You also have very few opportunities to burn calories! 

Enough with the negatives. More and more office workers are taking back their health and well-being with a piece of furniture called the sit-stand desk. Rustix has added this desk of the future to our furniture lineup, and once you know the specs and how it helps with posture, health, and well-being, you’ll wonder how you went so long without making the upgrade!


What Is A Sit-Stand Desk?

A sit-stand desk, sometimes referred to as a standing desk or stand-up desk (though these names only tell half the story), is a workstation that allows the user to either sit or stand up comfortably while working. They are adjustable, meaning the user can change the height to alternate between the sitting and standing positions. 

It’s an improvement over both regular and standing desks! If you’re sick of sitting and need a change of pace, adjust the height and take the standing position; if you need to give your legs and core a rest, bring it back down and take a seat. The sit-stand desk is the best of both worlds, and Rustix has made it easy for you to add this to your office.


What’s Behind The Rustix Sit-Stand Desk?

The Rustix Studio Sit-Stand Desk combines our commitment to using real, local, live edge wood with incredible features developed by Autonomous. The wood we use only comes from the London area, making a final desktop that is stronger and more stable than newly-harvested wood or particleboard. Our partnership with tech company Autonomous gives the Rustix Sit-Stand Desk an array of modern, smart technology that doesn’t affect the natural look of the wood. 

For those who want a unique desktop that contains all the lines, grain patterns, and colour variations found in natural wood, the Rustix Smart Desk is the ideal option for you. When you want to make the desk a standing workstation, a built-in motor pulls everything up for you, making the sit-stand desk suitable for everyone. You can even program in your favourite position so that the changes come at the touch of a button!


How Can A Sit-Stand Desk Help You?

smart desk live edge autonomous (sit-stand desk)Being able to move into a standing position can positively impact your health, well-being, and work abilities. As hinted at above, more sedentary lifestyles can leave workers susceptible to heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Changing over to a standing position will help your circulation, move your legs, and burn off some calories. But the ability to stand at your desk – especially when the repositioning comes easy, like in the Rustix Sit-Stand Desk – can have immediate effects, too!

Back pain is a common complaint among chair-bound office workers – sitting for long periods tightens your muscles and can hurt your lower back, especially if you have bad posture. Several studies with desk-set employees have confirmed that sit-stand desks can reduce and alleviate long-term pain in the lower and upper back and the shoulders.

Sit-stand desks can also help workers get more out of their jobs! It changes the balance, giving you a quick change of pace when prolonged sitting has worn you down. Reducing back, neck, and shoulder pain can also boost mental alertness and job satisfaction, improving mood and the energy you’ll bring to work.

Increased productivity, better health outcomes, and the classic Rustix live-edge design right in your office – our sit-stand desks will revolutionize your work life!