Twenty Uses For Our Mod Pod Table

mod pod table
  • The mod pod is the perfect bed for your dog or cat

The mod pod is one of our newest creations, and we made it with dogs and cats in mind. We know they’d love it as a little bed of their very own. But there’s so much you can get out of the mod pod, too!

dog toys puppy

  • Store pet toys in it

Pet toys strewn around the house can make it look much messier than it actually is! Keeping them stored in a mod pod will keep them out of sight. It’s even better if you train your pet to put them back when done!

  • Use it as an end table for your living room…

The mod pod sits perfectly next to your couch or chair, making it a fashionable addition to your living room, family room, den, or whatever you might call it.

  • …or by your bed!

It fits right at home in your bedroom, too! You can even pick a wood and stain that works with your bed set. If your pet loves the mod pod as a bed, your sleeping quarters are the best place for it!

  • Make yourself – and your guests – feel more at home

It sounds silly, but end tables really make people feel more comfortable, and not just because you’ve given them a surface on which to put their drink. It fills out the room and makes it feel cozier.

  • Use it to accent your room

The mod pod comes in five colours, so whether you have a light or dark colour scheme, a mod pod can be the piece of furniture that really ties the room together.

  • Use it to enhance your room

The right piece of furniture can make everything better, and the mod pod is unique enough that it can bring out the best in your favourite room.

  • Increase your “anything goes” surface space

You don’t just need surfaces for food and beverages – you need them for your keys, your wallet, your mail, your anything. More surfaces give you more freedom for your hands!

  • Increase your multipurpose storage space

Tabletops can’t hold everything. The mod pod gives you more room for storage for the things that might not have a proper home.

  • Keep your good books close

If you love having a stack of books handy, the mod pod will keep your pile of ongoing reads organized, without letting it clutter up your room.

The Mod Pod by Rustix
  • It’s perfect for the back patio

Create the right balance of modern and rustic for your backyard atmosphere with the mod pod. We can put the right stain on it so that it can withstand the elements!

  • Keep that tangle of wires out of sight

Modern family life means everyone has multiple devices… and this means a ton of different charging cables and boxes.

  • It’s perfect for the toy room

The mod pod is a fun alternative to a toy chest. Pack it full of stuffed animals and action figures to keep them off the floor, while still providing easy access to the toys!

  • Your yarn will stay close to you as you knit!

Knitters know the struggle: it’s hard keeping the yarn close by as you power through balls and balls of it. The mod pod is the perfect little box to keep it super accessible! Just try not to let your cat use it as a bed at the same time.

  • Occupy that hard-to-fill space

Some rooms just have that one little space that is so hard to fill. If conventional end tables look awkward, floor lamps don’t fit, and it’s too small for a chair or loveseat, go with the mod pod!

  • The mod pod is great for snacks

It’s not just the perfect table for all your party snacks: it can hold reserves for when the candy bowl goes empty. You’ll never be far from snacks again!

  • Use it as a footrest

Pop a pillow on the mod pod and prop your feet up – voila, you’ve got yourself an ottoman!

  • Use mod pods for creative bathroom storage

It’s inconvenient to run out of the bathroom when you’re out of wash clothes, hand towels, or (God forbid) toilet paper! Add the mod pod to a corner and have the necessary supplies on hand and in a fashionable

  • Ditch the outdated magazine rack

Magazine racks are so 20th century, and there’s a good chance you don’t have enough print material to fill it anyway. So put your favourite magazines and newspapers inside the mod pod!

  • Get creative!

The mod pod’s dodecahedron shape makes it unlike any table or storage you’ve ever seen, so get creative. Stack them for fun shelving, amplify your small speakers in the hollow opening, store seasonal decorations – when you have this combination table/storage space/pet bed, you’ll find more great uses for it than you could imagine!

Would you like a mod pod of your own? Contact us today!