What Is The Best Epoxy Resin For Wood?

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Epoxy resin is one of the most useful materials for the making of wood furniture. It finishes, refurbishes, repairs, and can even give a table a beautiful splash of colour. When making custom tabletops and wooden surfaces, we use epoxy resin for all these reasons, making it important that we only use the best product for the job!

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What Can A Good Resin Do For Wooden Furniture?

A high-quality resin provides a smooth finish on anything with a wood finish while creating an exceptionally tough, clear gloss. This tough gloss has to be water-resistant, UV-resistant, and blush-resistant to protect the appearance of the wood. “Blush-resistant” is a technical term meaning that no condensation or moisture creates patches of “blush” in the coating as it dries. Blushing can happen with fast-evaporating epoxy resins, so the best product cures at the right speed. 

A quality epoxy should also be food-safe and not give off harmful toxins. Epoxy resins cure and solidify when various chemical ingredients bond together, but many products use chemicals like Bisphenol A (BPA) and Bisphenol F (BPF). Over time, BPA and BPF release volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, into the air. These increase the amount of indoor pollution in your home and have been known to cause long-term health effects. 

A good epoxy resin is also used to create the “water” effect in our river resin tables. When poured, the epoxy should dry smoothly without any air bubbles or craters in the finish. The same slow curing that prevents blushing also prevents these imperfections from occurring on the surface! 

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Pro Marine Table Top Epoxy Is The Best Choice For Furniture

One of the best, most versatile epoxy resins is Pro Marine Table Top Epoxy. This high-quality resin is one of the most durable epoxies on the market, making it an industry standard for tabletops, bar tops, and just about any project where the natural wood finish should be preserved.

Whether protecting the wood or creating a cool river effect, the epoxy resin has to stay consistent over the entire area. Pro Marine epoxy resin can cover a large area without forming inconsistencies in the finish. It dries with such smoothness that it is even a top choice to use for personal art projects!

Pro Marine Table Top Epoxy is also food-safe, and it doesn’t use any VOCs in the ingredients. The company was founded in California where environmental regulations are a bit more strict, so you can bet that this product won’t cause any harm. Besides, craftspeople should never make a tabletop using a substance their customers couldn’t eat off of; from the wood to the finish, we make sure all of our products are incredibly beautiful while being completely safe!