The Mod Pod By Rustix: Dog Beds To Get Your Tail Wagging

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Rustix Design Studio is excited to introduce a new solid wood design concept that can easily and affordably bring your home decor to the next level without ignoring a key member of the team — your family pet. Mod Pods by Rustix are being sold as pet beds but our furniture has a thousand different uses sometimes as unique as the wood we craft it from.

dog beds solid wood live edge rustix stain productOur Solid Wood Pet Beds Are Pick Of The Litter

At Rustix Design Studio the materials we source for our live edge furniture and the artistry that goes into producing our products demands that we think outside the box. In this case, the Mod Pod was birthed from the organic yet highly geometric ways that our live edge designs occupy space. This is how the Mod Pod fits into the Rustix Design catalogue and why we know you’ll love gazing at its many sides from endless angles and enjoy its many uses!

Our Pods are decahedron-shaped modern pet beds or side table storage units made from solid wood. Their 18″ x 18″ x 18″ dimensions are deceivingly spacious without consuming the room. This means you can house your pet and plenty more in 5 elegant colors.

Four Paw Rating In Dog Bed Design

Everyone knows that dogs are equally fond of making creative use of space and finding interesting areas to turn into a warm and snug homestead. Whether it’s sprawled out in a laundry nook or kitchen cabinet they interpret space freely and make it their own. For this reason, the Mod Pod is the perfect design for your best friend and one that you can set up or let them interpret by themselves!

Most loving dog owners typically have a few key requirements when buying a dog bed and we’ve taken that into consideration with our design. We know you’re looking for lots of room to support your dog’s body when curling up and getting in and out of the enclosure. Besides that, the Mod Pod is super easy to clean and can be relocated anywhere in your home with its light weight and geometric design. And it goes without saying the craftsmanship is the same as any other piece of live edge woodcraft that comes out of our studio — of the absolute highest quality.

If we spend a lot of our lives in bed and designing a quality bedroom is important to us then it should be equally important to provide quality dog beds to our animal friends. The Mod Pod is a perfect trendy solution for this crucial home requirement. But we encourage you to push the limits of its design. When your dog isn’t using it you can hold books, hide that ugly tangle of wires or store your laptop or iPad!

Contact us now online or by phone if you would like to order a Mod Pod or have any questions about the design or its uses. And be sure to let us know on social what you think of the Mod Pod and what colour would best fit your home.