Rustix On TikTok: Check Us Out In Some Behind-The-Scenes Video


COVID-19 may have forced us to close off the Workshop for a short time, but we didn’t let it stop us from giving the people a peek behind the curtain! We’ve been putting TikTok to good use, giving those interested in natural wood furniture a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the Rustix process.

If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, TikTok is a social media platform taking the world by storm. It lets people share short videos, and it seems made for us: our TikTok profile, @rustix_studio, has almost 15,000 followers watching us do our thing!


What Do We Share On TikTok?


The short videos we share take our viewers through every step of our work, from beginning to end. You’ll see us out in the field cutting the wood, fitting it together, finishing and branding the pieces, and even delivering and assembling the Rustix furniture!


TikTok gives us a chance to reveal a few of our secrets, too. For instance, for our first TikTok, we made a short video of us making our largest piece ever: a commercial table 7′ by 22′.


This short video takes you through what it’s like to make, move, and fit a piece of such a huge size! It also shows how we can preserve our signature live edge look on such a massive table. In everything we share, you’ll see how much fun we have in the Workshop.


You Can Get Some Satisfaction With Rustix TikToks!


For some people, learning more about the work behind furniture is interesting. But many people don’t just find what we do fascinating – they find it comforting, too! One of our most popular videos, in which we pour the epoxy resin of our river table, has over 220,000 views. It’s easy to understand: pouring that smooth resin and seeing how it settles into the live-edge grooves is incredibly satisfying for us, too!


You’ve also probably seen videos of craftspeople stripping a deck or refinishing old wooden furniture, taking off the weathered layer to reveal a satisfying, renewed look. We do that kind of thing here in the Rustix studio, too! Hand-finishing a teak surface is another one of our more popular TikToks, but we wish the process went as fast as what you see in the video.



It’s amazing how we can reach people in London and around the globe! Thousands of people find our “making of” videos, like the pouring of a river table, both interesting and relaxing. You don’t even need an account to enjoy our videos, either, so nothing is stopping you from binging our TikToks.


As we slowly reopen and accept weekend visitors to our gallery and workshop, you can get your fix at @rustix_studio. If you also feel a little inspiration, get in touch!