Rustix Furniture For The Workplace

Businesses will often adapt to what they can get at the local office supply company, painting a small logo on the front of a desk or going all out on the nameplates. It doesn’t have to be like this, though! Choosing custom-made office furniture won’t force employees to make do with whatever you can bully into space, or get used to a hand-me-down desk – it works with the space you have to make it special! Here’s how Rustix can transform your workplace.

Rustix Furniture For Open Concepts

Many businesses are chucking out the cubicles, tearing down the walls between employees, and reinvigorating the team environment. Collaborative spaces are meant to facilitate teamwork and communication, giving an egalitarian spirit to the workplace. It works for the world’s biggest startups, so why not make it work for you?

It doesn’t even matter if you’re just two people in a garage or have a number of different teams. Our workstations are made to your specifications, and we can make it so that there’s a space for all those wires and cables that used to get tangled up on the desk. Because some of the trees we get are absolutely huge, we can easily make a custom table that accommodates your needs. Just try us!

Furniture For A Welcome Reception 

There’s nothing more important than a first impression. You only get one, as they say. This is why the custom reception desk is soimportant: it’s the very first thing a potential client or customer will see when they come into your business. Whatever your plans, Rustix has the creativity and know-how to make your dream desk come true.

For a little bit of inspiration, check out what we did for Fanshawe College. This reception desk, with a checkerboard pattern exterior made from real wood, was one of our favourite projects on which to work!

Rustix In The Waiting Room

Do you have a waiting room or area in your business? Even if it’s just a couple of chairs or a sofa, you can enhance the atmosphere with a Rustix table. Using design like live edges, barn board, and beautiful stains, a solid wood table can give your work material an attractive surface on which to sit, impress those waiting for you right from the get-go, and make that wait for a much more pleasant experience!

Rustix Furniture Works With You

Are you inspired yet? Don’t worry if your imagination doesn’t look like anything else we’ve made. Remember, that the perfect furniture for you might not be in our catalogue; it might still be on our shop floor, or even on a tree somewhere in London. You don’t have to restrict yourself to our past work, and the Rustix team can work with your parameters to help you reimagine and reinvigorate your office!