Rustix Baby Line: Natural Solid Wood Baby Cribs

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Rustix has made so much live edge furniture for adults to enjoy, we thought we’d give a little back to the next generation. As it’s almost time to welcome a new member to the growing Rustix family, we decided to unveil a solid-wood, modern baby crib that doesn’t just look nice – it’s also safe for your baby in every way!

Why Choose Rustix Baby Cribs?

Rustix baby furniture started from some first-hand knowledge and experience. We work with so many different typesnatural wood baby cribs london ontario rustix studio of wood that we’ve come to know exactly how they’re made and treated. We know what chemicals are in engineered wood products like particle board, and we didn’t want our children around it.

Many different wood products are made specifically via chemical treatments. One commonly-used material for baby furniture, medium-density fibreboard (MDF), is raising some health concerns because it’s bound with an adhesive containing urea-formaldehyde, a chemical that “off-gasses” (gives off fumes into the air around it, even after it’s dried). Any wooden furniture or home products made from MDF or treated with these kinds of chemicals can off-gas and release toxins into the air. Off-gassing of formaldehyde can lead to skin, eye, and throat irritation, allergic reactions, fatigue, and other serious side effects.

Your child isn’t just going to breath in the fumes that might come off it, though. They’ll do what babies do as they’re learning: put stuff in their mouths. As they grow and learn to move about on their own two feet, that wood is going to end up being licked and gummed and used for a leg up. It’s a very sensitive time for your child, and yet so many furniture companies leave them exposed to treated wood and finishing products that give off fumes. It really shouldn’t be this way!

What are Rustix Baby Cribs Made From?

rustix studio london ontario baby crib smiling baby blog imageOur cribs are modern style and made from solid wood, which is a much safer option for babies and parents alike. The wood we use doesn’t need artificial binding agents or chemical treatments to stay strong. Like every other piece of Rustix furniture, the wood comes from natural sources and is perfected with safe stains and finishes.

For this new line of cribs, you’ll be able to choose from ash, maple, and walnut, giving you a variety of options that can go with any decor scheme. Every piece is matte finished with a dye-free stain and food-grade finish, so everything that we use on the wood won’t harm your littles. These cribs will allow your child to grow and develop in a safer, more solid environment!

If you’re intrigued, but want to see them for yourself, you’re in luck! You’ll be able to pre-order the Rustix baby cribs at the Modern Mom Christmas Show November 23 and 24 at the Western Fair Grounds for a January 2019 delivery date.