How To Pair Plant Decor With Live Edge Furniture

plants and live edge furniture blog featured image - rustix

Live edge furniture adds a unique texture and visual appeal to any room. Plant decor can also bring colour and texture to living space! OK, so it’s not just like a Rustix table, but plant parents rejoice: your babies are in again, and they go so well with wooden furniture! 

Plants have a reputation as indoor air cleaners, and many people are adding them to bring some life and colour to their homes. But how can people pair their favourite plants with live edge furniture (and vice-versa)? The idea is to choose plants that complement the colour of your live edge furniture and strategically place them in areas that complement the furniture’s place in the room.


Place the plants in strategic locations around the room

plant decor on wooden table - rustixMany of our clients use Rustix furniture for rooms they are decorating in the modern rustic style. Plant decor adds to this by bringing little pieces of the living outdoors inside or reflect the natural surroundings of a cottage or rural home. Placing greenery behind large pieces of furniture, like a live edge shelving unit, end table, or bench, adds depth and visual interest to the room. Putting large plants in the corners of the room can accommodate the live edge furniture by giving it some symmetry to play off of. 

Arranging the plants with the smaller ones in the front and larger plants towards the back to add depth to the room. If the room is a smaller space, hang plants from the ceiling. This can frame the area behind the table, making it a visual cue for someone walking into the room. Their attention will focus on the live edge piece while not having it completely dominate their field of vision.


Use the plant decor as centrepieces

The live edge furniture pieces our customers tend to want are big. To liven up that vast expanse of wood, low-lying plants like jade, glass pieces like terrariums, and easy-to-care-for plants like ferns make great centrepieces! They are especially suited for low live-edge living room tables and end tables, adding complementary colours and an organic, natural touch next to the preserved wooden edges. 


Consider the planter colour

plant decor on table - rustixIt’s not just the plants home decorators have to consider: the planters and pots are important, too! Their colour, texture, and size will determine a plant’s place next to your natural wood furniture

  • Both light and dark shades of wood look great next to beige, tan or ivory colours, both of the plants and their pots
  • Green succulents look great in grey pots, while black pots go well with the glossy leaves of tropical plants. 
  • Many succulents and bonsai plants come in pots that unusual shapes and forms, but your furniture can benefit when you use them as quirky accent pieces.

The colours work together to harmonize the whole room, and the live edge furniture will feel less dominating – if that’s the effect you’re going for, of course! 

When placing plant decor about the room, remember that plant care isn’t the same as wooden furniture care: 

  • Try not to water your plants near the furniture to avoid water damage 
  • Your live edge table might also fade if placed next to a sunny area, whereas plants thrive in sunlight 
  • Many plants also need higher levels of humidity, but sudden changes in moisture aren’t ideal for wooden furniture 

Use these tips and choose plants that thrive in conditions that are also good for your live edge furniture!