New From Rustix 2021: Sit-Stand Smart Desk Collaboration With Autonomous

Office work is a reality for many people, but the body was not meant to stay in the same position for hours and hours. Luckily, neither was the new Rustix Studio Smart Desk, made in collaboration with Autonomous! We’re excited to show off our new line of custom workstations, one that combines automation and high-tech with the beauty of natural wood. 

The Rustix Smart Desk: Autonomous Sit-Stand Features

Work isn’t what it used to be, and your workstation should have the functionality and beauty to keep up. One change many offices are making is swapping out sitting desks for standing ones. Why not combine the two? At the Rustix Studio, we’ve designed the new Smart Desk to have some incredible features, adaptability between sitting and standing, and the Rustix charm. 

We use automated sit-stand desk legs that will let you choose your ideal desk height. The ease of use comes from features developed by Autonomous, a groundbreaking company responsible for many smart office solutions. The Rustix Smart Desk features their smooth dual-motor system capable of lifting 300 pounds at the simple press of a button. 

When you want to change to a standing workstation, you won’t have to use your body to pull everything up. You can even program in your favorites so that the changes come at the touch of a button!

We also included a wireless charger that’s embedded inside so you can charge your phone simply by placing it on the desk. The desktop is fully customizable in size and material.


Rustix Smart Desk Still Uses Real, Local Wood!

Like every other piece of Rustix furniture, our Smart Desk uses real, local wood. Like a fine wine, your live-edge, real-wood Smart Desk will only get better with age. The wood we use only comes from the London area, making a final desktop that is stronger and more stable than newly-harvested wood or particleboard.

We add modern conveniences and smart technology without affecting the natural look of the wood. For those who want a unique desktop that contains all the lines, grain patterns, and color variations found in natural wood but with the conveniences of the 21st Century, the new Rustix Smart Desk is the ideal option for you.


What Are The Benefits Of A Height Adjustable Standing Desk?

Office workers spend almost all their hours staring at monitors sitting at static desks; improving this workstation can improve one’s quality of life. However, the old conventional desktops can’t meet the demands of the modern workplace! Breaking the bonds of this sedentary lifestyle means adapting our furniture, and a height-adjustable standing desk can provide the ergonomic corrections a worker needs to stay healthy. 

Ergonomic studies have shown that a standing workstation desk can give workers chiropractic benefits, relieve pain and discomfort from hunches seating, and even give people more energy. By switching over to an adjustable standing workstation, office workers with the flexibility they need to correct the problems from improper desk height. 

Now more than ever, office workers are moving to home workspaces. An automated height-adjustable Smart Desk allows them to switch from sitting to standing seamlessly throughout their workday. Combining Autonomous adjustable systems, added tech features, and the timeless natural style of Rustix, the new Rustix Smart Desk is an intelligent addition to your home office!