Why You’ll Fall In Love With A Live Edge Headboard

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Have you ever wondered why you need a headboard? The headboard has, historically, more of a function than just separating your head from the wall. They were set up to protect sleepers from drafts in colder buildings, letting cold air sink to the floor rather than into the bed. This meant they had to be made with a material that is less conducive to the cold than stone or brick, so solid wood was the choice!

Because homes and apartments have improved insulation, drywall, and modern construction, the headboard has come to serve a more aesthetic purpose. Don’t get us wrong, it still performs the service of protecting your head from the wall and keeping your pillows on the bed. But a headboard has now become the focal point of any room and will draw your eye even if you’re used to its presence. Make sure the one you choose is well-built and attractive, like a live edge furniture piece from Rustix!

Why You Should Choose A Live Edge Headboard

Live edge furniture in the bedroom isn’t something new; the strength in the woodcraft of furniture such as end tables, dressers, and ensuite bathroom counters all bring intense beauty to one of the most intimate rooms in your home. But a headboard is something different altogether. Rather than simply accenting your room’s decor, the headboard is the first object that catches the eye when someone enters the room. It’s the first object that will catch your eye when you enter your bedrooms, so you’d better make it one you’ll want to see again and again!

live edge headboard blog imageBuying a live edge slab headboard comes down to selecting something that goes with your bed and the general aesthetics of your room. When you have to go to a furniture store and select something premade, you’re already settling. Most furniture manufacturers aren’t using materials or designs that will inherently work with whatever decor you have. Either you are forced to make a choice and live with it, or redesign your bedroom to accommodate this choice.


The Appeal of A Live Edge Headboard and Custom Furniture

The reason you’ll fall in love with a live edge headboard is that it “naturally” goes with whatever decorating choices you have made already. Rather than garishly stand out, it warmly accommodates your colour patterns and the rest of the furniture in your home. Also, because this is a design studio piece and not something from a furniture manufacturer assembly line, it will be both exactly what you want and pleasantly surprising. Keeping the natural contours of the wood as they are is part of this appeal; the live edge top of the headboard has a shape that comes only from nature, and we couldn’t replicate this look even if we tried!
Rustix can craft the custom headboard of your dreams – real wood, stained the colour you want, with all the natural beauty kept intact. Our design studio makes custom furniture to your bed’s specifications, so there’s no guesswork when it comes to getting the product you desire. Don’t settle for a headboard and let nature do the decorating for youcome to us with your plans, and we’ll make them happen!