Live Edge Wall Art: An Emerging Interior Design Trend


Live edge wood is lumber that has been cut into slabs, but rather than removing the knots or flaws and smoothing out the sides to create square edges, we leave the natural elements intact. 

While you might see it used for tables, bar tops, and other surfaces, a new interior design trend takes this wood to new places: live edge art. From picture frames to clocks to sculptures, live edge wood is taking more roles in home decoration.


Picture Frames 


Rustic picture frames are great additions to every room where you want a slice of the great outdoors. We cut boards from the logs, leaving the natural edges on, and create a window for the picture.

Many people love framing nature photography or paintings in live edge frames, as the wood adds a wild element that conventional store-bought frames can’t match. They are also ideal additions to any cottage or rustic getaway!


Live Edge Clock Faces


You can also have live edge wood turned into a beautiful clock face. Natural wood does contain random knots, grain and textures that make each piece unique! You can find a cut circle thin enough to thread the rod that attaches the hands to the battery box.

A beautiful piece of live edge wood can also sit in a frame made from another material, such as recycled iron.


Live Edge Resin Artwork


Rustix customers know how live-edge wood mixed with resin can make a beautiful river table, but it also works as a piece of wall art. Wood with many gaps, indentations, and complex whorls can provide new places in which to pour resin than a river table.

It’s artwork you can fully customize! Choose the colour of your resin depending on your existing decor and the lighting where the live edge wood will hang. A well-thought-out choice of epoxy resin can help real wood glow, as it highlights the natural colours, grains, and overall beauty of the piece.


Inspirational Signs


Inspirational or welcoming wall art signs have long been popular additions to the walls of kitchens, family rooms, and dining areas. Many of these are prefabricated using pressed wood with a conventional saying, but you don’t have to go that route.

A sign handcrafted from locally sourced wood will have many one-of-a-kind features like knots, grain patterns, and wormholes. You can also choose writing that means something to you and your family. Your home is a unique space – have a sign that’s unique, too!


Live Edge Sculptures

Live edges tell a tree’s history. Though they were once viewed as flaws to remove, now, many people celebrate their unique beauty. Many homeowners are choosing to preserve all the knots, holes, burls, and curves as natural works of art, displaying particularly lovely sections of trees as sculptures. After all, some woods don’t need anything more than preservation on our part. Why mess with the beauty of nature?