Live Edge Reception Desks

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When people enter your office, what or who will they see first? It isn’t the boss, or a salesman, or your average quarterly earnings – it’s the receptionist! They’ll be the one to greet any clients and customers, whether existing or potential, and create positive impressions in their minds. It’s important to give this role the gravitas, importance, and professionalism it deserves.


They say first impressions are the most important ones to make. Making a great first impression is easy if your receptionist is sitting behind a solid live edge desk. It’s an investment for your office you won’t regret!


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Your reception area is the first hub of interaction between clients and your company. It introduces the business to any visitors, letting them get a look and feel for who you are before they even meet with a company representative. Getting the right office atmosphere starts with getting the right reception desk!


The best choice when picking a reception desk is knowing the space it will inhabit. When you’re looking to buy a desk from a big box location or a major business supplies store, it means you’re going to have to settle: settle on the looks, the colour, the materials, all because you have to choose a size that works.


A desk that’s too big for the space will feel out of place and give a cramped look to the reception area; go with one that’s too small, though, and you have a very unappealing visual, making it look like your receptionist has to settle with a desk that doesn’t work for them. You need to get a desk that works with the space you have, while still making an excellent first impression. This means custom-made desks are the way to go!


rustic U deskLive Edge Desks


So what makes live edge desks the way to go? They’re simply impressive! “Simply” in that their design is quite simple – it’s wood, in all its natural glory. But the live edge makes it original, and no piece will be exactly alike. Your piece will exude creativity and originality!


They’re also very beautiful to see, really dominating the space and sending a message to your visitors. It says professionalism, beauty, even power! All the impressiveness of the tree comes out of the wood, and the work we do brings out and enhances the look of solidity and personality.


This is what’s great about Rustix live edge pieces. We work with you to give you what you want. We can customize not just the size and surface of your desk, we can also add your company logo to it! It will not just give the impression of who your company is, it will literally say who your company is.


Upgrade your workspace and tell everyone you mean business. Upgrade to a live edge reception desk!