Live Edge Bowls And Accent Pieces

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Sometimes it only takes one small flourish to completely change the way you see a room. One day you get the urge to rearrange your furniture and bam! – it’s like a completely different living room! It doesn’t have to be such a big change, though. A good accent piece can create the same feelings, making an older room feel inviting, liveable, and more complete.

Live edge furniture is just the thing to get you out of your decorative rut. But if you’re looking at the Rustix catalogue and start thinking that your home isn’t big enough for a harvest table, or that your budget isn’t big enough for a new live edge coffee table, you’re in luck. You can bring one of the Rustix live edge accent pieces and complete your home with a little bit of nature. Might we suggest a live edge bowl?

What Makes A Live Edge Bowl?

live edge bowls, live edge bowlWooden bowls are a popular decorative trend, but you’ll find very few with a preserved live edge. Our bowls keep the natural textures of the tree intact along the bowl’s lip, requiring delicate craftsmanship and lathework that preserves the grain, fine lines, and contours of the tree that gave us the wood. We stress the word “decorative” because these bowls aren’t made for eating, so we ask that you put it on your coffee table instead of using it for your cereal (slurping the milk would be very difficult anyway!).

This craftsmanship is also applied to our end tables, charcuterie boards, and benches: with a live edge, you get a small piece of nature that few artists could even come close at replicating. Sometimes, all you need is a good live edge, no matter how small!

Why Accent With Live Edges?

There are many reasons why you should bring in live edge pieces, regardless of their size, into your home. For one thing, live edge bowls and other accent pieces are much less expensive than a large table or desk, so you don’t have to deny yourself a bit of the modern rustic look when your furniture budget isn’t very big.

But live edge accent pieces also work because they go with just about every design scheme. Who cares about the colours of your room, the patterns of your couch, or the tiling in your bathroom, because a live edge piece made from natural wood will fit right in. This makes them the perfect gift when you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind thing for that loved one who makes gift giving a nearly impossible task.

Rustix bowls and accent pieces are an excellent way to bring a little bit of the Forest City into your home because all our wood is sourced from London trees. If you have a specific wood in mind, let us know and we can make a custom piece for your home or as a gift!