Is A Drop Leaf Reclaimed Wood Table For You?

We love making unique pieces of furniture that also give our clients more ways to use their rooms. Sometimes this means making a massive live edge harvest table for a big kitchen, but it can also mean making more compact furniture. One type that has the form and function to do more than meets the eye is the drop leaf table. This chic, versatile table can fit in your home in all sorts of ways!

What Is A Drop Leaf Table?

The drop leaf table dates back to the 16th Century and the introduction of the gateleg table. This table had one fixed section and one or two hinged surfaces. When the user lifted the hinged sections, they could swing out some built-in legs for extra support. From this old style of table, furniture designers eventually produced the drop leaf table. 

The contemporary version of the gateleg has one or two hinged leaves at the ends. When the user pops up the leaves, the table functions as an ideal dining table; when the meal is over, the user can hang them down again and neatly tuck the table against the wall and out of the way.

Why Use Reclaimed Wood For A Drop Leaf Table?

Reclaimed wood is high-quality “upcycled” wood that’s been taken from various sources like old barns, home siding, fences, warehouses, wine casts, and more. Whether or not the wood is painted or finished, the exposure to the elements gives it a unique quality. When we get our hands on some quality reclaimed wood, we’ll finish it so that it doesn’t hurt you (splinters, etc.), but we preserve the individual, rustic character of every board!

We upcycle this highly-sought-after wood in drop leaf tables. They’re especially suited for this type of furniture because by cutting a board to the right size, one piece of wood can act as one leaf!

Why A Drop Leaf Tables Made From Reclaimed Wood Is For You!

If you live in an apartment or have cozy kitchen quarters, you know that making the most of the room you have is very smart. A drop leaf table, when you use it as your kitchen or dining table, gives you that bang for your buck: keep the leaf or leaves dropped, then fold them out when you need the extra table surface. If you choose a drop leaf table with two leaves, you can also keep one dropped so that the table can sit right against the wall. 

By choosing a drop leaf reclaimed wood table, you get a table that works anywhere: the kitchen and breakfast nook, yes, but also the living room (they add more table space without taking up too much room) and even as a bedside table! With so much built-in functionality and the basic versatility to the look of reclaimed wood, you’re sure to always find a spot for your new table!

Because we custom build so many types of furniture for our clients, we can make the drop leaf reclaimed wood table that’s right for your living space. Get in touch and see how you can add this gorgeous piece of Rustix chic to your home today!