An Introductory Guide to Rustix Furniture

If you’re just getting into custom wood furniture but don’t know where to start than look no further than our Introductory Guide to Rustix Furniture!

We aren’t like those plain old furniture stores you’re accustomed to. We take the finest wood salvage from the London area and turn it into luxury pieces. And remember, this is just an overview of the wide range of work that’s possible at Rustix Furniture and Design Studio.

What Do We Use To Make Our Furniture?

The materials Rustix uses you won’t find anywhere else. This is because our materials come from unique sources that chain stores can’t get their hands on — it’s a woodworking material called salvage. We start all our designs with real wood, barnboard, or any other impressive pieces we can salvage in the London area. Even the iron we use for table and chair legs is salvaged!

This material is used to make our tables, benches, siding, and countertops, but we do our best to preserve what makes these pieces of wood and metal unique. The real selling point is the character, so we love keeping the contours of the wood in place, making live edge furniture our specialty!

How Do We Make Our Furniture?

Rustix isn’t just a furniture store; we’re a furniture studio. We make custom designs however you want us to, down to the wood itself and the colour of the finish.

What Do We Make?

Because all the furniture we sell is handmade, the options are almost endless. We love working with great ideas and taking on creative challenges! Here are some of the ways we can transform your living spaces, and how nuanced they can actually be:

Home Furniture

Whether it’s for your kitchen, your living room, or anywhere in between, our furniture will look right at home anywhere. Our tables, benches, countertops, bar tops, and butcher blocks are made to your specifications and with a finish that would work for your decor.

Outdoor Furniture

Don’t think that because we make the designs ourselves, it won’t stand up to the elements. We treat our wooden outdoor furniture properly so it can withstand the rigors of a Canadian winter. Our patio furniture, picnic tables, and outside bars will define your outdoor living space, fusing the natural and domestic elements together for something extraordinarily unique.

Office Furnishings

Fanshawe College Wall Motif

Office furniture can be a pain to purchase, because so often desks don’t come in sizes that are right for your space. A custom-made workstation or reception desk will fit perfectly into your office because you can tell us the exact dimensions you need!

But it’s not just office furniture – we also can create wonderful accent pieces that bring out the atmosphere in your office.

Recently, we worked with the Fanshawe Student Union to design a reception desk and creative space. It just goes to show that you shouldn’t hesitate to come to us with any of your ideas!


Bathroom and Bedroom Furniture

Come to us if you want to bring a tranquil, rustic look into your bedroom or bathroom. Vanities, sinks, and countertops will bring a calming and beautiful atmosphere to the places that should be the most calming and beautiful. This bathroom and bedroom furniture will fit, because we work closely with you to make these furnishings to your exact measurements!

Restaurant Furniture

Restaurant furniture is a bit newer for us, but we’ve had the opportunity to work with great people in making one-of-a-kind dining experiences! Outfitting restaurants with custom made bar tops, tables, and barnboard siding is a great way to add either new details that works with your existing restaurant layout, or to completely overhaul your establishment in time for a grand opening.

The possibilities are almost endless, and as these examples show, we can work with you to bring your decor dreams to life. Every great space begins with your great ideas, so don’t settle for what you find in big chain stores – come to Rustix! If you just purchased a Rustix design or need help maintaining unique wood pieces in your home we have plenty of advice in our blog.