Introducing The Rustix Workshop

rustix workshop, woodworking workshop

We like to think of the new Rustix studio as more than just a place where we make things. It’s where we’ve hit new milestones, made memories with clients, and took our business to the next level. Now, we’re expanding even further, in a way that we’re hoping will bring more of our community together.

We want to open the Rustix workspace to more Londoners and have a little fun while we’re at it. This is our goal with The Workshop, a brand-new event experience combining custom woodworking with friends and fun!

What Is The Rustix Workshop?

How often have you been able to get behind the scenes at a furniture shop? Probably never, though at Rustix, we do try to keep our doors open for clients. It’s the best way people can learn and understand the work that goes into the furniture, as well as give their thoughts and preferences so that all the furniture is put together and finished to their liking.

But we also think the Rustix studio is the perfect space for bringing people together outside the usual 9-5. It can be a place where friends old and new can get together to enjoy an evening full of fun crafts and delicious food… not to mention some great local wine and beer. It also gives anyone who wants to make their own real wood pieces an opportunity to get a hands-on lesson in what we do every day!

This is the goal of events in The Workshop: it’s our way of pulling back the curtain for everyone, not just prospective clients and give a fun, unique experience that is unlike anything else. It’s kind of like our live edge furniture!

The Unique Rustix Workshop Experience

At The Workshop, we’ll take you through the process of making a small Rustix piece that you can keep forever, like a charcuterie board, pizza board, or bath board. You’ll also get to enjoy the fruits of your labour with some great food and drinks, and share in the experience with other handy people making amazing crafts.

You can experience all this at our upcoming Craft Beer & Pizza Board Workshop. It’s the best, most delicious way of seeing our shop for yourself, plus you’ll go home with a wooden pizza board. Not only that, but Vineyard At Home will be on hand to guide you through an amazing selection of local craft beers. Join us for this amazing evening and experience The Workshop for yourself!