In The News: Area Couple Makes Furniture From Culled Trees

In February of 2017 we were so fortunate to get featured in The London Free Press in a story called London Trees: Area Couple Makes Furniture From City’s Culled Trees. It was a terrific article that talked about our products and our wood sourcing process from felled trees in the London area. Read below and let us know what you think!

The article begins by explaining where felled trees normally go when they die or get damaged by storms or accidents. This city initiative normally dismantles the trees on site and turns the remainder into firewood. Our application to the log drop program specifically appealed to the city so we could repurpose the wood for furniture. It was well received and marked the beginning of the Rustix Furniture brand!

“It’s just such a shame that they normally go to firewood,” Torraville, owner of Rustix Furniture and Design Studio, said of the logs. “There’s so many uses for them.”

This great article wraps up with a quote that echoes our locally-sourced and local business focus:

Rustix uses locally fabricated metals for its bases.

“It’s all from London,” she said.

Torraville said her tables, which range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars, will last a lifetime!