How To Care For A Resin And Wood Table

Resin Table


The solid, natural wood in a Rustix table is a unique material, one that responds to environmental factors. When you mix in other materials such as epoxy resin, suddenly, you have a more complex tabletop. How can you care for these types of tables in a way that protects both materials?

Cleaning and maintaining a Rustix table made with resin and wood goes beyond simply using a coaster (though you should do that too!). Here’s how you can keep your river table, waterfall table, or any piece mixing these materials looking its best.


Keep Your Resin And Wood Table In The Proper Environment


Proper care starts with the proper conditions. You should only use wooden tables with epoxy resin elements, such as the waterfall or river tables, in indoor areas or keep them inside when not in use. You can take the table to the patio or balcony, of course, but don’t leave it exposed to the overnight or weekend weather.

As well, keep epoxy resin out of direct sunlight. If your table gets constant exposure to the sun, the UV rays may cause the saturated colours to fade. The sun isn’t a big threat in short bursts, but be sure the regular place for your table is away from the rays.


Make Sure The Temperature Of The Room Is Consistent


Wood tableWhen wood cools, it acts like most other materials: it contracts. When heated, wood naturally expands. It’s why you have to prevent wild temperature swings – the wood can rapidly shrink and expand, creating cracks and weaknesses. The danger is not the temperature itself but rather in sudden changes. Because we set the epoxy resin into the wood, the shrinking and contracting of the natural material can affect the resin, too.

Avoid abrupt, significant changes in temperature in the room housing your table. Keeping the table in a dry environment for a long time can dehydrate the wood, causing micro-cracks and deformations that can hurt the table’s structural integrity and appearance. Keep the table at least one metre away from products that emit heat (vents, fireplaces, space heaters, etc.). 


Think About The Humidity, Too!


TableThe recommended humidity of the room in which you store the table should fluctuate between 45% and 75%, as too much moisture and humidity can cause table deformation that affects both the wood and resin. Naturally, this means keeping your Rustix table out of saunas, swimming pool areas, and the rain for a long time.


How Should I Clean The Surface Of My Resin And Wood Table?


Cleaning your wood and resin table is easy and not much different from any other surface. The finish on the materials makes them resistant to immediate liquid and surface particulates, but you must clean them regularly. Wipe the surface with a damp flannel cloth, and then make sure it’s dry so that you leave no stains or watermarks. You can dust it regularly with a soft rag, too. Never use stiff brushes or the abrasive side of kitchen sponges.