How Can Smart Desks Improve Your Productivity?

Everything is becoming more intelligent, and that includes the desks you use at work. More employers are adding adjustable smart desks to take worker productivity to a new level. But even if you’re working remotely, one of these sit-stand models can be a smart decision for your home office. How can the new Rustix Smart Desk improve your productivity?

The Smart Desk Revolution

live edge smart desk autonomous aiPeople are finally acknowledging that sitting down for an extended period has negative impacts on our health. Long hours sitting in a particular place without making any physical movements is increasing health conditions ranging from obesity to high blood sugar to increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Many office workers also complain about having back pain after spending long hours in their office chairs. 

Whether or not the research is accurate, physical inactivity can be (and this sounds silly) exhausting. You feel drained and unmotivated when nothing changes but the images on your screen. Smart desks with stand-up and height-adjustable features get the most attention for how they benefit an employee’s health, but standing and stretching invigorate the body to prevent energy crashes throughout the workday.


How Smart Desks Improve Productivity

The smart desk is a sensible addition to healthy office culture. The furniture in a workplace goes a long way in determining whether an atmosphere is healthy and how productive a business can be. It’s simple: comfortable employees are happier and more prolific in their work!

You can never give your 100% to your work when suffering from health-related problems and issues. However, if you move and shift from one place or position to another while at your desk, you can remain active, get the circulation moving, and tap into energy you never knew you had. You can even teach the smart desk preferences for sitting and standing in an office. It’s a feature that improves not just comfort and ergonomic health but also productivity.

One 2014 study by Texas A&M University showed that people working with standing desks were 45% more productive than seated counterparts. Of course, not everyone can take standing all day long, but this is where smart desks have advantages over other models!


Take A Stand Against Sitting All Day With A Rustix Smart Desk

Workstations are using technology to help people become more comfortable and adjust to their changing roles. It’s why smart desks can improve productivity: by making shifts in their routine, workers don’t feel stuck in unhealthy positions. An adjustable sit-stand desk can make every role feel like they have a personal assistant!

The smart sit-stand desk has helped people for years by boosting energy, increasing focus, and eliminating nagging back pain issues. As these desks became more common, the tech improved, too: the user can program in their ideal desk height so that the desk remembers it when the user wants to shift from sitting to standing. If you’re an employer, you’ll see the impact on your bottom line, too: when a business’s employees maintain a higher production rate, the chances of that business succeeding increases, too.

Of course, the furniture itself doesn’t have to be all cold metal features – after all, it’s a smart desk, not a robot. The Rustix Smart Desk is here to rescue you: we combine high-tech features from the groundbreaking company Autonomous with local live edge wood to make a desk that exceeds all your expectations of what office furniture should be.