Hand Forged Legs – Made For Enduring The Ages

Table with A Frame Hand Forged Legs

When putting together a unique, extra-special piece of furniture, we know nothing really compares to a live edge surface. But the surface isn’t the whole story – it needs something to hold it up! A lot of contemporary furniture designs seem to forget that table or chair legs are also parts of the whole and can be beautiful in their own right.


To accompany our live edge furniture, we love using metal hand forged legs. Whether they’re tables, chairs, or benches, wrought iron, hand forged furniture legs are beautiful and add that perfect throwback touch that fits so well with the modern rustic look.


Hand Forged Legs are Tough StuffThe Halpenny 3


If nothing else, wrought iron legs are solid; it’s no coincidence that a lot of antique furniture still around has hand forged pieces. You can count on a live edge table top to be extremely durable, so it’s only appropriate to make sure it’s sitting on something we know will keep it up forever. Made from iron, these legs will ensure the entirety of your piece of furniture lasts as long as you want it to.


Compare the classic style of hand forged legs to modern choices. So often, furniture legs are flimsy, particle board stuff that are mass-produced and unoriginal. They look like they have the structural integrity of cardboard! That’s why hand forged legs are so amazing. They look like they’re strong while actually being strong.


One-of-a-Kind Look


The rough bumps and fringes of live edge furniture make it unique; placing these pieces on top of hand forged legs adds to that special feeling. As a whole, the furniture is something you won’t find anywhere else.


If you have any antique furniture with wrought iron legs in your house – maybe an old side table, sewing machine, or chair – go look at the legs. The fact that these were made out of an incredibly strong material is why you still have them; the fact that they were handmade is probably why you want to keep them! It’s durable and special, all at the same time, and you know the same can’t be said for anything you get at a big box store.


Rustix Hand Forged Leg Options


Keeping it Local


Hand forged legs can be made custom from local materials, or recycled and reused from older pieces that can no longer function. It’s a way to add something unique to the furniture, a sophisticated touch using designs you probably won’t find at your local furniture store.


Our live edge furniture only uses materials that come from our area, and this isn’t limited to the legs. Hand forged legs lets us keep everything local, while building something of which we’re really, really proud!