Five Products We Make That Aren’t Tables

It’s no secret that much of what leaves the Rustix workshop are tables. People love solid wood, live edge surfaces, and frankly, so do we. We’re immensely proud of the tables we’ve made, and how they have helped us capture the hearts and imaginations of the London community and even customers across the country!

But we’re so much more than tables! New customers are always coming to us with new ideas, and we’re pretty good at coming up with some new things ourselves. We’re putting our false modesty behind us now – here are five products we make that aren’t tables!

Charcuterie Boards

One of the first parts of our lineup that wasn’t various kinds of tables, cutting boards morphed into the much more elegant, much more appetizer-friendly charcuterie board.  Made from natural, solid wood and stained to enhance its features, a charcuterie board is a welcome addition to any kitchen or pantry, and they make amazing housewarming gifts! Just be sure to fill it with cheese.

We’re even hosting a Charcuterie Board Workshop in March! Learn about charcuterie’s origins, then make your very own charcuterie board with the help of Heather.

Mod Pods

What’s a mod pod, you ask? These decahedron-shaped pieces of furniture can be a modern pet bed, a side table, a small storage unit, or just a lovely addition to your modern living room! Made from solid wood, the 18″ x 18″ x 18″ dimensions are deceivingly spacious without consuming the room, letting your pet have an unobtrusive place to sleep. We make them in 5 elegant colours, too, so it can coordinate with any living room decor!

The mod pod was also chosen as one of the pieces representing Ontario Wood at the Interior Design Show in Toronto!


This is one product we are very excited about, and not just because we’ll be welcoming another member to our family soon. The Rustix Baby line of modern, solid-wood cribs that come in ash, maple, and walnut, giving you a variety of options that can go with any decor scheme. Every crib is matte finished with a dye-free stain and food-grade finish, meaning everything we use on the wood is designed to be baby-friendly!

We got such great feedback showing these at the Modern Mom Christmas Market last November, and we can’t wait to bring these to more nurseries across London!


Live edge wood doesn’t just make for a great tabletop – it makes for a comfy, stylish seat, too! Whether they’re for sitting at your kitchen table or a decorative seat in the hall, Rustix benches are super sophisticated and fashionable. When was the last time you heard a bench described as “fashionable”?

Anything You Can Imagine!

Part of what makes us unique as a furniture maker is that we work especially close with our customers to bring their ideas to life. We’ve done work for bars and restaurants, a local college, and have put together larger custom installations for homes, but it doesn’t have to be so big. We’ve helped customers with smaller pieces, like a mirror that incorporated real maple into the design!

If you have big plans for a big piece of real wood, visit us at our new studio 3305 Colonel Talbot Road in London to see how we can help make them happen! Contact us to learn more about all these exciting products and our location change!