Five Products Other Than Tables That Can Use Resin

River tables made with a colourful resin are some of our most popular new products, and they’re incredibly fun to make. The resin we use is perfect for more than just tables, though! It can be used to add colour and style to many different wood projects, and we can help you make most of them. (You can easily make product number three on this list at home!)


Cabinet Doors

resin cabinet doors - rustix studioThe natural hue of wood is a classic kitchen look, but what if you want to add a fun splash of colour? A perfectly-coloured resin can make your wooden cabinetry complement the rest of your kitchen in a unique and fun way. Resin is also durable, easy to clean, and resistant to stains and water damage. It sounds like an ideal material for kitchens to us!


Charcuterie Boards

The ultimate party accessory is the charcuterie board, and you can make it much more fun with a colourful resin. A colourful charcuterie board also makes a great gift, one your recipient won’t expect to find anywhere else.

You won’t have to worry about toxins. The resin we use is completely food-safe, meaning no chemicals will come off the board and onto your cheese. Using only safe finishes is a commitment we make with all our pieces, and this includes the ones that directly touch your food!



resin jewelry box - rustix studioResin is great for your home decor, but you can take it on the town with you, too! Chunky wooden necklaces and rings accented with resin are all the rage at chic boutiques and clothing shops, but these are pieces you can make yourself at home. You can find resin to use for jewelry online, and it can be made to mimic the most beautiful gems. Pour it into a piece of polished wood with a live edge for something truly one-of-a-kind! 



A decorative river of resin is ideal for solid wood benches. Whether it’s a seat in the kitchen or a decorative front hallway piece, a natural wood bench with a beautiful ribbon of colour will pop. The resin is also durable, meaning the bench’s colour will stand strong against the elements while making an inviting outdoor seat! 



resin clearcoat art - rustix studioArtists often use resin as a clear coat to preserve their work, but it’s the ideal material for colourful wall art and sculptures! We can work with you to combine wood and resin and make unique art for your home or office. These are ideally made with special woods like driftwood or rustic barnboard, but if you just like a piece of live-edge wood and want it on your wall forever, go for it! After all, nature often makes the best work of art – our colourful resin can accentuate it to perfection.