Five Cool Rustix Wedding Gifts

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Heather and Jay are the power couple behind Rustix, and we’re happy to say they just celebrated their wedding! To commemorate the occasion, here are five great wedding gift ideas that come out of the Rustix workshop. Whatever you give them, a gift from Rustix will be like nothing else the couple receives!


A Fully-Loaded Charcuterie BoardFully-Loaded Charcuterie Board - Rustix Studio

A real-wood charcuterie board is, by itself, an impressive gift. It’s made from solid maple and sealed with a food-grade finish, turning this live-edge piece of London wood into the perfect party accessory. You can even include the Rustix information, telling your giftee the location this individual piece of wood came from.

You can make the gift complete with a bottle of the couple’s favourite wine, a cheese knife, and some locally-made jellies or dips. Maybe even include a board game if that’s their thing. Finally, not-so-subtly invite yourself over for a cheese tasting!


A Workshop Experience

Workshop Experience - Rustix studioFor the couple that loves handicrafts, you can gift them the experience of making their own charcuterie board! The Workshop is our way of opening up the Rustix studio to the general public, and we combine DIY woodworking with food and drink to create a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Our two upcoming events are Charcuterie Board Workshops “paired” with a wine tasting from Vineyard at Home. We have also hosted pizza paddle workshops with make-your-own pizza and craft beer tasting. Keep an eye on our website and social media for events that might interest soon-to-be-married couples in your life!


Live Edge Gaming Table

Live Edge Gaming Table Gift - Rustix Studio

Our specialty is custom wood furniture, and we can make anything that suits the interests of any newlyweds in your life. If the couple came together over the shared love of a hobby, one great idea is to make some specialty hardware for that hobby. 

A popular option is a table made for game night! We can custom-make the table to fit their gaming needs, whether they’re into cards or more complicated tabletop games.


A Contemporary Coffee Table

Contemporary River Resin Coffee Table Wedding Gift - Rustix Studio

The newlyweds will likely need furniture for their home, and a good wedding gift is a fashionable one. River resin and pyramid coffee tables are two of the most fashionable pieces of contemporary furniture, but some couples might find it hard to get their hands on this type of furniture. River resin tables and pyramid coffee tables make for a great gift they’ll always treasure. We can stain and lay down resin in their favourite colour, too!


A Mod PodMod Pod gift - Rustix Studio

One final Rustix wedding gift idea is the Mod Pod. We made the Mod Pod with pets in mind, so it’s especially ideal for a couple of dog lovers. However, it’s an incredibly versatile storage container, makes for an excellent end table, and fits into any decor! 

The Mod Pod is a great gift, but it can also be used as a great container for an assortment of interesting gifts. It might just be the only gift box they actually keep after opening, too!