Eight Facts You Might Not Know About Rustix

So you know Rustix makes live-edge furniture with natural wood sourced from London. Normally, we’d think that’s to get you on board, but we thought we’d share a bit more about who we are, Jay and Heather, the people behind the Rustix Studio. Here are eight facts that’ll help you get to know us a bit better!

  • We’re a family business…

… and it’s getting bigger! We have two children, with a third on the way. We’re excited to share this wonderful, creative life with rustix studio london ontario family business blog imageanother blessing, and we couldn’t be happier.

  • Custom furniture wasn’t always our main business

We started a little over two years ago in a small, 500-square-foot shop, designing and building furniture on the side while we worked our regular day jobs. The first studio was actually called “Heather’s Craft House”, but then Jay decided to get involved, so we needed a more… inclusive name. Of course, as demand grew, we couldn’t resist the call of making custom furniture for a living! Our studio is also much larger, because have you seen the size of some of those tables?

  • It’s not just our wood that’s local!

We try to upcycle all the material used in our furniture! The cast iron legs we use for our tables also come from local sources, and we’re always scouring for material to give our live edge furniture the extra ambiance it needs. Besides, vintage metals and live edge wood go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

  • Every piece of furniture comes with a Certificate of Authenticity

rustix studio london ontario live cut blog image cutting local woodBack in April, we decided to include a bit more information with every piece that leaves our studio. Everything we make now includes a Certificate of Authenticity that tells you from where in London the wood came. We even went through our past orders and mailed them to customers for whom we had already made furniture. Accept no substitutes!

  • All our press has been pretty good

Rustix has been featured and profiled in the London Free Press, Business London Magazine, and Casa London Magazine. It’s given us a good opportunity to show the people of London what we do and how we do it!

  • We make more than just tables

Our studio is more than just tables, bar tops, and the occasional stool. We do a lot of creative work, including restaurant interiorsrustix studio london ontario mod pod dog bed blog image finished wood polygon and an amazing front desk project for the Fanshawe Student Union. Rustix started with projects that allowed us to expand our creative horizons, and this drive hasn’t stopped! 

  • Not all our furniture is for humans

We make these little things called Mod Pods for your small pets! Mod Pods are wooden pet beds we make in 18-22” sizes for your cat or small dog, made to look how you want it. Of course, it doubles as a little table and works perfectly with your home’s decor, but don’t tell that to your pet…

  • We ship!

While we use local materials, our furniture doesn’t always stay local! Last year, we shipped out a large creation to a client in rustix studio london ontario blog image table delivery blog imageanother part of the country, and everything went smoothly. So even if you’re not in the greater London area, we would still love to count you as another satisfied customer.