Easy Care Tips for Your Rustix Custom Furniture

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Keep Your Rustix Custom Furniture Beautiful and Strong

While natural wood is high quality and beautiful, it doesn’t require super expensive, super fancy cleaning products to keep it in tip-top shape. Most of the time, all that’s needed is some soapy water, a damp cloth, and the perfect location. Cleaning your Rustix custom furniture is easy – you just need to remember to do it!

If You Like It, Put A Finish On It

Finishing the surface of the wood is crucial for keeping your custom furniture in great condition. An oil and wax finish can make the wood shine and protect it from small damage. Finishes take about three weeks to cure before you can safely put stuff on it, as you want the make sure the surface is durable and dry. If you need to use the table during this period, always use a coaster or trivet, regardless of the temperature of the dish.

Remember that wood finish is different from a stain; the latter is optional, but a finish should be thought of as essential. It doesn’t stain the wood, but protects it and gives it a nice, polished shine.

Dusting Custom Furniture Is Easy – And Important!

One of the most important things to remember is to keep your finished tables, benches, or stools clean (“finished” as in oiled or waxed, not “completed” – we’d never send you an incomplete piece, so it should go without saying all Rustix custom furniture is “finished”). While it’s not a chore we all enjoy, don’t go too long without dusting, as particle accumulation can end up scratching the surface.

Make sure to use a damp cloth, as a dry cloth can scratch the finishing. Use polish, a dusting spray, or hot water with mild soap directly on the cloth to give it some moisture. Rinse, then dry the surface with a soft, clean cloth. Don’t spray furniture directly, as this can leave a film that will diminish the polish of solid wood furniture and be difficult to remove.

Treat Your Wood Furniture Like Family

Natural solid wood furniture is strong and durable, but it still requires you to treat it carefully. Here are some things to consider:

  • Pick the perfect spot. Choose a place where the natural light won’t fade the colour. Make sure your living room or kitchen has the right humidity.
  • Ensure there are enough coasters and protective layers to keep hot items away from the surface. Hot drinks can leave ring stains that will be next to impossible remove.
  • Keep the furniture away from heating units. Heat will shrink and warp the wood, causing it to crack. In dry months, a humidifier might be necessary.

If you want to learn more about caring for your beloved designs check out this article about Damage Prevention for your wood furniture.