The Dangers of Toxic Finishes on Baby Furniture

When protecting natural wood furniture, nothing is more important than the finish. But not all of these are alike, and when we’re putting the “finishing touches” on the furniture that comes out of the Rustix shop, we try to keep the user in mind. Our newest line of baby furniture is made to address the concerns about the chemicals in liquid finishes, and we only use ones that are safe for new hands and mouths. But why is this important?

Why Are Finishes Important?

A wood finish is usually a transparent coat applied as a liquid to protect the furniture and give it an extra sheen that highlights the wood’s natural grains and colour. It’s designed to keep , dirt, humidity, and scratches from harming the wood, and often, it’s applied in thick coats. It sounds kind of obvious, but two or three coats is going protect the furniture better than just one, and when you’re using real hardwood, you’ll probably want as much protection as possible.

It’s not always as complicated as it sounds, though! Stains are finishes, and so are paints. These use pigments and dyes to change the look of the wood. It’s more obvious what’s in these finishes, and people are more discerning when it comes to their use. But what about natural-looking wood finishes?

The Chemicals In Wood Finishes

Wood finishes that don’t change mask over or alter the wood’s general appearance are necessary for getting quality natural-looking furniture. However, this means that people don’t really think twice about what’s in the finish, and how it can affect the health of children who interact with it. Considering this is especially important for real wood baby furniture!  

Conventional finishes usually include solvents that are derived from petroleum sources. Solvents are the ingredients used to waterproof the wood and give it the characteristic sheen, but they are harsh chemicals. They give off volatile organic chemicals into the air of your home, creating or irritating skin and eye problems and triggering headaches. Over time, exposure can increase the toxic load and cause long-term health issues. Infants are especially vulnerable, as their little systems are just developing. Being surrounded by these chemicals can cause chronic skin and breathing issues as they grow.

This means that for baby furniture, it’s incredibly important to use finishes that are safe if ingested or breathed in. This not only protects the furniture as they inevitably gum, bite, and lick the wood, but protects them, too!  

The Finishes We Use

The Rustix Baby line of solid wood cribs uses only naturally-sourced London wood, dye-free stains, and food-grade finishes. Our wood doesn’t need artificial binding agents or chemical treatments to stay strong, and we preserve the natural look with a finish that won’t harm your baby.

While you might not think too hard about the clear barrier on your hardwood tables and chairs, it’s definitely an important concern for baby furniture, and should be considered right up there with structural integrity. Your child will roll around, learn to stand, and grow up in their crib – make sure it’s as safe as possible! Contact us today to get a baby furniture quote!