Custom Stain Colours And Why You Want Them

One of the best ways to make a room truly unique is to fill it with unique furniture, but how can you take this customization further? One way is to use a custom stain colour! 

When it comes to staining the surface of their natural wood furniture, Rustix clients have much more selection than they often realize. If they can’t find the right stain to match the wood or the existing colours in their room, they can have one tinted just the way they want!


Custom Stain Colours Help You Match While Mixing

Sometimes you can’t tell what stain will work in your room, especially if you have a lot of wood. A custom stain will let you match your furniture to what’s currently in your home, and you won’t have to guess which option off of the hardware store shelf would look best. 

For example, let’s say a client wants to match their Rustix maple desk to other wooden elements in the room, like a shelf, the baseboards, etc. If they want their furniture to have a natural-looking stain to match these elements, they can use a Finisher’s Colour Wheel to get the right choice. A Finisher’s Colour Wheel helps us compare and contrast stains so we can either mimic a tone or get one mixed that does not clash with your existing accents.


Custom Stains Give You Many More Colour Options

If you go down the aisle of your local hardware store, you’ll see that most of the stains are tinted brown or grey. While these are great for many different settings, sometimes you want a little colour while keeping the wood’s character intact. But when we said you have many more options than you realize, we meant it. You don’t have to stick with what’s on the Finisher’s Colour Wheel – you can choose the colour of your choice! 

Staining wood with colour lets you customize the piece without losing all the great details. To get the colour you want, your local paint store mixes a stain with a little paint; even with the colour, the stain should retain the clarity that lets the grains of the wood show through. This leads us to the third (and best) reason why you want custom stain colours!


Custom Stain Colours Can Bring Out The Best In The Wood

For most of the wood that comes through the Rustix workshop, preserving the appearance is important. No matter what type of tree it is, we adore the grains, knots, and imperfections, and we don’t want to cover these details up! However, sometimes a little vibrancy goes a long way, and a stain can add this while preserving the features that make a piece of wood unique.

Custom stains can also add something essential to damaged, charred, weathered, or older slabs of wood. This is especially true of reclaimed wood from pallets, fencing, or barnboard that may lack character in the grain or edges. Custom stain colours can add the exact quality you want to your furniture, and if a pop of purple or burst of blue will bring out the best in your room, Rustux can help you make it happen!