Custom Furniture Trends 2021: What Styles To Expect

A new year brings new furniture trends, and while 2020 wasn’t great (to put it mildly), 2021 should hold much more promise. We know we’re excited: custom furniture itself is, according to Forbes, “the next big interior design trend.” If you’re ready to get on board and add a piece of locally-made custom furniture, use these other 2021 trends for some inspiration!


Sage Green Colours

Every year, a new colour phenomenon hits social media and spills out into our work. Sort of like the rose gold craze of years past, Instagram feeds in 2021 are filling up with one colour: sage green. Its popularity is probably because we’re stuck indoors: sage green is said to have a calming effect that reflects the natural world we can’t see!

Sage green kitchens are fast becoming one of the biggest trends for kitchen furniture this year! Many pieces of custom wood furniture and cabinetry painted sage green are becoming a necessary part of contemporary kitchens. The shade goes perfectly with our next trend for 2021, too!


Cottagecore Furniture

furniture trendsCottagecore has been popular for a couple of years now; it’s a romantic rural movement that encourages people to move at a slower pace and enjoy the comfort potential in their own homes. Instead of being satisfied with mood boards, flannel, and Taylor Swift album covers, more people are turning to furniture that reflects their embrace of simplicity. 

The custom-made furniture includes tables and customized surfaces that can simulate the cozy environs of a cottage surrounded by gardens and wildlife! Furniture made from coniferous wood, garden benches, and live edge surfaces all go very well with the cottagecore aesthetic. 



By now, you’ve probably heard of hygge and the various types of cozy-living philosophies (we’ve already brought up cottagecore). Newer for most consumers in 2021 is Japandi, a combination of rustic Japanese design and Scandinavian simplicity. It’s a blend of function and form, focusing on clean lines, light colours, and bright rooms.

Custom furniture in this style is all about sleek lines and neutral colour palettes. While neutral colours aren’t totally in this year (they’re never really out, either), Japandi-inspired furniture works with the rest of the decor. It also guarantees usefulness when the other facets of Japandi run themselves out!


Mixing And Matching

While Japandi and cottagecore are in style this year, many other trends that reflect the minimalist traditions of years past are on the way out. A uniform look isn’t always desirable anymore – you can mix and match furniture, art styles, and colours to your heart’s desire. Again, much of it has to do with the pandemic: we’re stuck inside, and it’s almost impossible to live in a home with nothing around us! 

More designers are gravitating towards maximalism – and functional, useful furniture – in 2021, with more layered, collected spaces. Some furniture that accommodates this idea includes side and end tables, custom-built shelves, and accent walls. 


Eco-Friendly Materials 

Continuing the trend started years ago, furniture-buying is not always about what it looks like; where the furniture comes from is also crucial this year! In the same key as some of our preceding trends, environmentally-conscious pieces are necessary. Lower waste, plastic reduction, and re-using and reclaiming materials to make the furniture are all highlights of this style.

Rustix furniture meets all these needs! Our wood comes from local London trees, and we make great use out of barnboard and other forms of reclaimed wood.