Cool Ways To Use Liquid Resin


We love using liquid resin because it works so well with many home projects. It works by mixing two components: epoxy resin and a hardener. When we combine these parts in a 1:1 ratio, a chemical reaction causes the liquid mixture to harden into a solid surface. The result is a high gloss, opaque surface that is scratch and water-resistant that works in so many amazing ways. 

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are five cool ways to put liquid resin to good use!


Wall Art


We love using liquid resin because it’s more than versatile – when expertly mixed, it’s actually beautiful. Liquid resin has clarity and luminosity to make it ideal for one-of-a-kind wall art. Colour additives or pigments mixed with resin can create brilliant effects, including solid shades, marbling, ripples, and so much more. You can add other materials like wood or embed dried flowers to create something with depth and meaning.


River Tables


resin tableThe river table is the piece of furniture that showed the whole world just how special liquid resin is! When we’re making a custom piece for a customer, we pour the liquid plastic resin between two live edge pieces of wood to create the effect of a flowing river. 

Rustix makes our river tables using only local wood, incorporating the natural live edges of local London trees into the design. Much like the wood and the stain of a typical Rustix live edge table, you can choose the look of your “river” – it can be the right colour for your room. 




You’ll still want to protect your table from moisture-related mishaps, and luckily, liquid resin makes for cute coasters, too! Pouring it into a mould can make some incredibly unique coasters for drinks. You can make them in any shape and colour you’d like, adding paint around the edges of the mould after the resin hardens. 

If you’re making coasters at home, be sure to use a heat-resistant liquid resin that can take scratches and heavy use.




You can combine polished liquid resin with natural wood, metal, and vintage elements to create unique, colourful jewellery. The results will look like precious gems! Try embedding seashells, dried flowers, colourful stones, and other natural materials in clear resin. For flowers and other flora, spray it with a sealer to preserve the colour. 

For smaller objects like pendants, UV resin is a popular resin material to use. Unlike AB resin, this form is solar activated; you only need to put it in the sun or under a UV lamp to cure it in minutes.


Charcuterie & Cheese Boards


Much like the river table, you can have liquid resin poured to create a beautiful, unique board for charcuterie. Paired with wood, it makes for a beautiful handle, but once the liquid resin has cured, it is also food-safe! You don’t need to worry about it affecting your food. You can have the resin polished to create a perfectly flat surface that’s fit for serving!