Choosing the Right Stain for your Rustix Furniture

Choosing the Right Stain for your Rustix Furniture


We create custom furniture to our customer’s specifications, and this includes not only the size and shape, but also the color! We have a great selection of stains we can apply, making the furniture look exactly how you want it. Stain doesn’t exist to just color the wood, though – with the right choice, the grain becomes more pronounced, the material is given extra character, and the natural beauty of the wood is enhanced.

What To Consider Before Staining


The job of a good stain is to darken the wood and bring out the look of the grain. Some woods need stain, some can do without it. Light woods are enhanced using stain, and new pine, ash, birch, poplar, and beech woods can benefit greatly. Oak could go either way, depending on its age and condition. Some, like maple, cherry, and mahogany, can work well without any stain – the wood can look excellent just the way it is!


When thinking about stains, take into account where your piece will be. Is there plenty of natural light, or is it mostly artificial? How close or far will the furniture be from the windows? Will the stain clash with any hardwood flooring? Also consider the light bulbs: incandescent is warmer than fluorescent lighting and would cast a different light upon your table.


Here are our current options for staining:


You can have us test out a teensy bit of the furniture or a similar piece of wood to see if the stain will give the wood the look you want.


Why Stain Our Furniture?


stainThis might be a lot to take in, we know. But for furniture as solid and stable as what comes out of our shop, you’ll be using our tables, benches, and chairs for decades to come (maybe even centuries, so prepare your children for their inheritance). This is why you’ll want it to look its best. Though all the wood and metal we use is durable and of high quality, much of it comes from large, older trees and reclaimed buildings. This aged look might not be to everyone’s aesthetic tastes, and stain can put new life into the wood.


The best thing to know is that when it comes to wood furniture, you don’t have to restrict yourself to one look forever. Wood is more flexible than people give it credit for, and a stain you choose today could be changed up in the future. Regardless, the right stain with the right wood can make your Rustix piece absolutely perfect for your specific space!