Boost The Productivity In Your Workstation

Sly Fox Workstation

It’s important to make a workstation actually work for you. You’re going to spend so much time submersed in, surrounded by, and earning your keep in your workstation. Why would you want it to be a negative area? Don’t let work be a place you dread.


You need a space that feels comfortable, radiates positivity, and lets you and everyone at the office feel productive. Luckily, it’s super easy to have a smarter workspace. Make your workstation work for you with the right setup and furniture!


Setting Up The Workstation


The mainstream idea of an office being like the TV show The Office is dead and gone. Cubicles are out; the days of being chained to a desk are over. Office spaces are more open than ever, and they can help your team actually work as a team, while encouraging individual achievements. The office should reflect how the culture in which people want to work, with an air of freedom while keeping the doors open.


If it’s a team environment you’re trying to build, you’re going to have to sacrifice a lot of private office space. Personal desks, combined with a large, open meeting space, are the way to go if you’re a small business or startup.  Standing desks can be good, too, for the modern, health-focused office environment, but that’s really a democratic decision.


Choosing Great FurnitureSly Fox Brand


The furniture is, naturally, the focal point of the workspace, and the right furniture can help everyone in the office feel comfortable, focused, and productive. You need comfy chairs, of course, and a mobility you can only find in laptops or Macbooks. You also need awesome tables and desks at which to sit!


A focal point in the open office will be the meeting area, and a solid, creative piece of furniture can make it a great place to brainstorm and push through those difficult projects. A live edge table, stained to match whatever the decor of the office, can be a welcome addition to any team space. These tables are as unique, interesting, and elegant as your business, and they can convey to your clients that you mean business.


But live edge furniture doesn’t have to reside in the open. They can make great desktops, custom service bars, and stools for any public area. Impressing anyone who walks through your business’ door is easy with live edge furniture.


Desktop Stuff


Just because the modern office is a bit more open than the past, doesn’t mean personalization is off the table. Little figures from your favourite movie or TV show, childhood toys, and “fidgets” – those little doo-dads that you can play with while on hold – can all turn your workstation into a funner, more creative, and ultimately more productive place to be. If you’re feeling a little burned out or overwhelmed, turn your chair away from the screen and grab that little Happy Meal toy. Toss it in the air. Make it do a dance. Just let it take your mind somewhere else, even for a minute.