Why You Should Book a Free Rustix Design Consultation Today

How many furniture makers give you any control over the final product? We’ll give you a little time to think about it, but the only answer you’ll come up with is “right here at Rustix”. It’s how we like to make our wide range of wooden pieces, and free design consultations get the creative process started. But that’s just some of why we enjoy them – here’s why you should book a free design consultation with us ASAP!

You Have A Design Idea You’ve Been Waiting To Try

Tons of people love to think about the perfect kitchen or living room, and they’ll inevitably envision what they think will be impossible: the perfect table. In their minds, it ties the room together, becomes the focal point around which dinner parties and games nights take shape, and makes the dream feel real. They also believe they’ll have to settle for whatever they see in a big box furniture showroom because traditionally, you have no say in how your furniture is made.

Furniture-buying never used to be that way, and frankly, we like the traditional way of purchasing tables and chairs much better. We can show you what this vision will look like in real life. The Rustix family is great at making dreams come true – we did it for ourselves, after all! If the perfect table seems so close yet so far, we’ll bring it a lot closer to real life.

You Need A Little Design Motivation

Do you like the idea of having hand-crafted furniture in your home, but would also like to see how the “sausage” is made? A consultation with us will make the process clear, and if you want, we’ll walk you through how we do everything. We’ve had so many amazing people come through our workshop, and giving the opportunity to peek behind the curtain lets everyone work together with trust and comfort.

A consultation will show you the wide range of options you have: woods, design options, stains, leg materials, and more. You don’t know what you’re missing until you see everything you could possibly have!

Our Design Consultations Are Always Free!

Did you think there was a catch? There’s no catch! A consultation can take you through the process of making a real wood and live edge table, countertop, or chair, with nothing required of you upfront except plenty of ideas and opinions. We want the pieces that come out of our workshop to be perfect, and the only way they’ll be perfect is if you’re happy.

Motivated now? Book a free consultation with us and see what your furniture could be. We’ll make your dreams come true!