Barn Board Accent Walls – True Rustix Glory


We all know recycling is great for the environment, but we usually restrict it to those two bins we keep in the garage. Recycling, though, can help you turn just about any area of your house into a modern rustic masterpiece!


Of course, we’re not telling you to dispose of glass and paper in every room of your home. We’re talking about recycling old wood to use for wall accents. Reclaimed barn board can let you bring a unique, rural charm to any room. Here’s how.





Barn board is amazing because it looks incredible! It’s such an awesome material to make a great living space stand out. Barn board adds an original texture, colour, and can be used in small areas to bring rustic balance to a modern living space. If it’s too expensive a project or too dominating a theme, it can be used in certain areas to amazing effects.


Used for the fireplace, area, it works aesthetically the same way brick often does for fireplaces. Of course, we no longer need brick in order to keep the fire in one place, so a cozy hearth accented with reclaimed barn board can become a wonderful focal point in your living room.


Natural Variety


Much like the live edge wood we at Rustix use to make furniture, barn board brings a natural variety that makes every piece special. Old and weatherbeaten, barn board planks still have much of that textured grain, fine cracks, and amazing colouring. Go for unpainted board, especially because one colour can limit the amount space you can accent, but if you’re using it for one small area (say, the fireplace), one colour palate can work remarkably well.


You can also (duh) paint the boards yourself! This keeps the natural texture and grain, while letting you work with your wider living space. Grey is often the colour of choice, being a popular neutral that works with a lot of different colours, but you do you. Choose wisely, though!


Barn Board Is Very Do-It-Yourself


barn boardIf you have a great source for wood, making a barn board accent wall can be a nice DIY project! It takes work, commitment, and a lot of nice barn board, but it’s within the grasp of the intrepid handyperson! Follow simple instructions (like here) can give you a sense of the project, and whether or not it’s something you can accomplish!


So start scouring the countryside for old barns! Barn board accent walls are fairly easy to install, either for you or a home reno company, and can create the perfect atmosphere in any room of your home.