Are Resin Tables Durable?

Epoxy river resin - Rustix Studio

Many people choose furniture for their homes with longevity in mind. They need a table that won’t break down on them in just a few years, but they also want something unique and aesthetically appealing. The river resin table, made with epoxy resin and natural hardwood, is one contemporary style that is all the rage. But how durable is the resin?

As it turns out, epoxy resin is incredibly durable. The combination of hardwood and resin in a river table creates an extraordinary surface that is both beautiful and strong. The craftsperson making it just needs to pour and let it cure with care!


The Durability Of Resin

durable epoxy resin table - rustixEpoxy resin almost sounds too good to be true, but what it can handle will amaze you. Resin is resistant to high heat and corrosive chemicals and has great flexural strength, meaning it can handle a lot of stress. While curing can take days to complete, the final result should be a smooth surface that can take almost anything your family throws at it!

The finished product is practically indestructible. This durability and impermeability make them great choices for high-traffic restaurants catering to younger crowds or families with young children. Of course, it’s also an appropriate material to use as a decoration for your river table!

The resin surface is often coated in protective gloss after the pouring process which makes epoxy resin more resistant to chips, cracks, scratches, and burns. The result will be something you can enjoy for a very long time, perhaps even forever!


The Lifespan Of A Resin Table

rustix resin design table, epoxy resin tableSo how many years can you expect the resin of your new river table to last? Usually, this is a piece of furniture for the living room and thus doesn’t see as much traffic as other tables. The mixture of two durable materials means you can expect your resin table to last for a long time!

That’s not to say that you don’t need to care for it, but epoxy resin makes that easy. It’s sanitary because it’s substantial (meaning it is non-porous), which also makes it easy to clean. Resin is an ideal surface material, not just living room tables, but for kitchens and laboratories, too! Because it is impermeable, it doesn’t matter what cleaning product you use on the surface. It is nearly impossible to create cracks or damage to it, and you can expect your resin to remain shiny even after years of use.


One thing to remember about resin table surfaces is that the maker has to pour them very carefully. Epoxy resin can be a disaster if not applied precisely, and if the pourer makes a mistake during the application, removing the material can take a lot of work. The colours are also sensitive to fading from UV light, so keep it out of direct sunlight as much as possible.